17 year old entrepreneur in need of initial capital

By Brianna Coulombe

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Hello. My name is Brianna Coulombe and I am 17 year old entrepreneur. I am in need of raising funds for in total capital going into the patenting and prototype production of my creation. I have carefully designed a unique horse saddle designed to the anatomic contours of the horses back and shoulder yet keeping a stunning show legal appearance. Being an entrepreneur in horse training I have found that many horses are in need of training due to acting out. The source of this acting out and relectancy to preform or move freely is often pressure and pain from the saddle. I plan to take that pain out of the equation with an anatomically designed comfort saddle that not only contours to the rider with features like the use of memory foam and a seat and saddle flap designed for a close secure and comfortable feel but also takes into concideration the motion and contours of the horse. Also by your investment in this revolutionary comfort competition saddle you can help reduce the abuses seen all too often in the show ring . For I have found that a comfortable free moving horse is far less likely to exhibit the behavior that prompts those who use abuse to control them. Even though it is unlikely to change the minds of abusers it is possible to remove the pain and discomfort that causes the horse to ’require’ that sort of ‘control’ . By helping launch my invention you will be in turn helping significantly reduce show ring abuse of horses.

Thanks to all who invest in my invention.

Any amount is one step closer to my goal and thus every donation is greatly appreciated.

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