37 year old student

By Sonya

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Hello! I am in search of some financial assistance to continue my education. I have applied for federal grants and have received the pell grant. Unfortunately the pell grant is not enough. I am a mother/step mother of 5 kids and a wife to a wonderful man who works very hard. He gets up everyday at 6 am and works until around 6pm. Hardest working man I have ever met. We are not sitting around hoping that someone will fund our lives we are just hoping that someone can help us survive while improving our position. I made a sacrifice to stop working and go back to school. I am proud of my decision, I am proud of myself. I am in my sophomore year of college and have 2 years left. I have managed a couple of different companies and want more. I want the American dream. I want a 401 k, health insurance, dental insurance etc. The only way to get this dream is to work hard and get educated.

I know that some generous people help fund education purposes.  I am not the type of person who would normally ask for help but this feels right. I maintain a 3.0 grade average and I take my education very serious. I have 2 sons that are starting college in the fall and my goal is to be a great example for my kids.


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