Bouncing Back from the Unthinkable….

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My family of two adults and four children took a really hard hit on October 10, 2014 when my boyfriend the father of my almost 2 year old son qui breathing and went into full cardiac arrest in front of our baby,my 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son. With no heart beat or air to his brain the male role model in our world drop to the ground and began the fight of our lives.

After 5 days on life support and 2 more days in the hospital with no drugs in his system and no answer on why this happend my 31 year old boyfriend will live the rest of his life with a box in his chest that will monitor his heart and will force his heart to work even ¬†when his body doesn’t want it too.

Now we face physical and occupational therapy, cardiology appointments and counseling. He has had his driver’s license revoked, unable to lift more than 10 pounds and the inability to work. It is now my job as the mom, to support him, 4 kids, a home and a full time job…all before the holidays and 3 birthdays. If we could just get a little help to cover one month rent while his short term disability is being processed, that would be beyond a blessing. This is not a plea to get rich, its a plea for a little help in this really hard time. Any and all help would be beyond a blessing. Thank you for reading our story and prays are always needed. Thank you!

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