Disaster Relief for Ecuador by DERO

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DERO (Disaster Emergency Relief Org) is a Texas, based orginization that is dedicated to saving lives internationally. Natural disasters happen all over the world and people need helping hand. We not only supply basic necessities to the community we help the people take back what they lost. In Ecuador families have lost Everything including loved ones and homes. Local businesses have been destroyed, roads and schools have been demolished and many lives have come to a complete halt. Here at DERO we plan to rebuild infrastructure and create a stronger sense of community. We have a skilled team of experts who are ready for any obstacle.

Step 1 Is to send our Emergency medical responders and Civil Engineer to the disaster relief site in order to search for survivors and clear debris while our civil engineer evaluates the area. All survivors will be transported back to base and given medical attention along with psychological support. Temporary medical clinics will be established.

Step 2 is to set up a primary medical facility along with home base. Our Master General Surgeon will oversee an experienced medical staff along with volunteers to supervisor the recovery efforts. Counseling will be available to those who suffer trauma from the tragic devastation. Food, shelter, and water will be available to all residents.

Step 3 is to infiltrate the affected homes and work with local organizations to rebuild infrastructure. Priority will be to ensure all utilities electric and water are reestablished throughout the city. Hospitals, schools, and police stations are a second priority. Homes and local business are the final step of the rebuild process.

Step 4 is to relocate families from the base camp to the community. Families will be given one-month advance of food and first aid supplies.

Ecuador cannot afford repairs and the damage left behind. We are raising money for people who are less fortunate. These people need our help and your donations will help us give the people what they need. Every penny counts for the people of Ecuador.

Ecuador is in a state of emergency and people are starving right now. The sooner our goal is reached the sooner we can infiltrate the area and supply survivors with basic necessities.

We at DERO believe in the human race as a whole. Earth is all we have and we can all make this planet a better place for everyone. You can be a hero from home and help us save lives.

DERO cannot thank you so much for helping us in our effort to change people’s lives. We plan to not only make a difference in these people’s lives but we plan to improve international affairs and create a bond with people all over the world. People in need can also not thank you enough for some this is their last resort. Help spread the love.

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