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Boo is a 3-4 month old male kitten who showed up on my doorstep on Halloween night. He was meowing and meowing and looked so thin and hungry. I decided to pick him up and he immediately stopped meowing. He started purring and burrowed his little face into my arms. He was SO sweet and just happy to be loved.

We gave him some wet food which he gobbled up right away and we wrapped him up in a towel to keep him warm. Before we took him in we wanted to make sure we weren’t taking him away from his mother, so we left him wrapped up in a carrier outside the house with the carrier door left open so that his mom could come and get him if she was around. The next morning Boo was still outside the house and meowing again. When I picked him up I noticed he was wheezing and knew we had to take him to the vet.

The vet did a series of tests and discovered that he had a number of issues. First of all, his red blood cell count is dangerously low. If it doesn’t increase quickly, he’ll need a blood transfusion. Secondly, he is extremely anemic and malnutritioned. The vet knew this right away because his gums and nose are white. A healthy kitten’s gums and nose should be a rosy pink color. To make matters worse, Boo was diagnosed with a severe respiratory infection which was the cause of her wheezing and deep breathing.

The vet hopes that with some strong antibiotics, special vitamins, and lots of fluids that Boo will be able to improve enough so that she won’t have to receive the blood transfusion. We’re taking him back to the vet after 5 days of treatment to get another blood test and see how he is progressing. As you can imagine, the cost of nursing Boo back to health rises quickly with the vet visits, continuous testing, and medications. Any donation helps!

If all goes well and Boo grows to be strong and healthy, I want him to go home with someone who will love him and take the absolute best care of him. Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in bringing him home!

Thank you in advance for your support, whether it be in the form of donations or spreading the word. Anything helps!

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