A Higher Calling: Sammy’s Journey

By Mission 615

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Hello, my name is Sammy and I am a missionary to the city of Nasvhille, TN! In September of 2013 God moved me from Memphis to Nashville to intern for Mission 615 which is a mission to the inner city kids, poor, and homeless of Nashville. We minister to people by doing three things: Visitation, Worship, and  Meeting Needs. We have four neighborhood that are low income, government housing, or project areas that we bus in our kids from on Saturday morning for worship. We personally send out volunteers to visit with the families of the kids that we minister to on a weekly basis. We love them, minister to the parents, and meet needs for the families as best as we can! Saturday morning these kids are bused in for a fun and interactive worship service full of games, prizes, prayer, skits, and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the afternoons on Fridays we bus in our homeless friends from the streets where they can get some love, gentle smile, warm hugs, worship, hot meal,clothes, and again, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My role as an intern is to oversee the neighborhoods, clothes closet, skits, supervising youth service and visitations. I personally visit one of our four neighborhoods every Friday night and spend time with the families. Unfortunately, I am not paid to do what I do. I work as an intern from Tuesdays-Sunday with Mondays off. I am currently in the process of raising funds for myself so that I can continue to minister to these kids, youth, and homeless without the stresses of finances. The number to be raised of $12,000 is the total cost for me to live for one year. It includes all the food, gas, phone, car, etc. that I will need for the entire year. I could write on and on about what I do and what God is doing here in the ministry, but it would be pages upon pages. God is doing a mighty work through Mission 615 and soon to come a Mission 901 in Memphis, TN which is #4 in Chrime wihtin the US. We are called to be a light in the darkness and Jesus said, “Whatever you do unto the least of these, you have done unto Me,” and “Let the little children come!” So when we minister to kids, poor, needy, and homeless and clothe, feed, and love them we are literally doing in as if doing it to Jesus himself! That’s powerful!!! I am praying that eventually I could have a staff position with Mission 615 as either their next youth pastor, childrens pastor, or whatever God would have. I know this, I am where I am suppose to be, and it is a stepping stone to the amazing destiny God has called me to! If you would like to know more about ME and background I came from which is similiar to the ones these kids are living in then visit my blog at: www.kidsoftheone.blogspot.com Also, check out Missions615 page for more information of the ministry and what we do at www.mission615.org
As you sow into me, I will sow into others! Please help me change lives for the sake of Jesus Christ!

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