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Hello, this is from the Hoagland family in memory of Little Max,  my mother’s 9 yr old Schnauzer.

Max was a vibrant, loyal and loving companion for my 66 yr old retired mother.  He never met anyone, or anything, that he did not consider a friend.  He loved to play ball, tug and travel.  He and my mom were visiting us at our new home (of one week), when our oldest son did not shut an outside door behind him.  Max wandered into our neighbors yard and met up with their Bull Mastiff who did not take his presence favorably grabbing him by his torso, fitting Max entirely in her mouth, and biting down.  Max suffered abdominal bleeding, crushing trauma to his internal organs and spine. After surgery Max remained on oxygen, IV fluids, steroids, antibiotics and pain medication until the time of his death 48 hrs later.

My mother and our son (who blames himself) are devastated and the rest of us are just shocked at this surreal happening.  Just Friday afternoon he was running around with the kids, jumping and playing as he always had.

Although this tragedy in itself should be injustice enough, my mom is now facing the medical bills in excess of $3400.  My brother and I, as well as our neighbor (who feels terrible) are gong to help as best we can, but our neighbor is a small business owner, my brother is retired, and I just purchased an home (with quite a few repairs).

We have never asked for assistance like this before and I am not certain how a feel about it, but we thought if enough people, in the animal loving community, could give just dollar or two, we could lift this financial burden from our mom and allow her to simply grieve for the loss of her little guy.  I am certain there are many many others out there who have been through this situation themselves, or with a family member, and who remember how overwhelming it all gets so very quickly.

So, thank you for your time and attention and any donation you are able to share.

God Bless you and your furry four legged kids- many they all live healthy long lives in your loving arms.

The Hoaglands

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