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Hi my wife and i jus gave birth to a beautiful baby boy september 15 2014. I currently jave a job in which i onlu work 1-2days a week. But have tovtake time off to help my wofe with our new son.seeing as how this is our first child. I am already behind on bills. And am currently lookong for a second job. My wife was going to breast feed our son Cayden. But that is no longer an option. Its going to b a strugle trying to afford our rent, truck, food, dipers,wipes,formula and other neceites. I am complty streesed out. And am trying to be stron for my family.i dont want to be a failure or put any more strain on my wife.bit trying to find another job is proving to b difficult. That os why i am reaching oit untill that second job becomes reality and i can get cought up and ahead on everything. This is our first child and i dont want to fail. Anything anyone from 50cents to any ammount will help us and be used to help my family out. I thank anyone who helps us or reads this grom the bottom of my heart

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