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Paul is my brother in law .He lives in a small country town. His house is really old and he has live in it under land contract for 10 years now. It was falling apart when he moved in but was all he could afford. He was in an accident years ago and lost alot including memory ( short term) .he has always been alone ,no children to enjoy ( medical reasons) so hes still alone in life . and has gone from job to job as a construction worker . well with short term memory loss he has lost alot of tools forgetting who he has loaned them to . people have taken advantage of him. so he cant afford to replace them and that has lead him to not having a job, His old 97 ford has now broke down. ive tried to help fix it but i just cant keep taking from my family to help the parts he needs.steering column ,brakes ,battery ,alternator . and now his house the town he lives in has given him a time limit to get his house sided ,painting .fix the non working pipes ( he hasnt had water for 2 years. he has gone to his moms house or a friends near by to shower and wash clothes , he buys tv dinners cause he hasnt got water to wash dishes)His wood burning stove has a crack  in it and one hot amber and his house would be up in fire . He did go through college for massage therapy but could not afford to renew his licenses so he lost them now. He has no income .he will pain a barn for a little cash or fix something for someone .He needs to finish his house or the town has told him they will take it away from him .Times are tough i know but anything will help the GOAL is $4000 but im sure he will go way over with all the repairs he needs . Thank you in advance for your donation.

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