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Tennessee our bull  Tennessee our bull

Retired Army officer and wife wish to produce a better beef cattle. The mix of breeds would produce a more tender, leaner beef. We want to breed the heifers and then sell off the calves. Our current stock consists of 20 heifers and one bull. We would like to increase our productivity by adding more heifers. We have 47 acres for cattle. We are in need of purchasing equipment to  breed and raise the calves to around age six months. Our cows are fed pasture grass and hay. They do not receive additives in feed or injections of antibiotics. Larry is attending cattle class to gain more education on the maintenance of pastures here in Louisiana. We would also like to open our ranch to schools, 4H groups and LSU agriculture and vet schools to enhance education on cattle. Our five year goal is to be self sufficient with our ranch and to be able to give back to the community. JLP Ranch will be a top notch beef production ranch.  Once our business starts to grow we would like to  provide advertising information such as pens, pencils, cattle coloring books, etc. to visitors to our ranch such as the school groups.



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