Rescued Dog with dislocated joints needs Urgent Care

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Rescued Pomeranian mix with 2 dislocated hip  joints needs emergency surgery as soon as possible

Simba’s  story.

This sweet precious 3-4 yr old dog which we have since named “Simba”  was found in very bad condition along a  busy interstate highway last year without any tags or microchips. Just a broken sick little dog. . My son came to his rescue and took him home to us where he felt certain that  Simba  would receive the best nurturing care possible. In the days and  months following, Simba received lots of compassionate love, attention and  extensive medical care for a number of problems one of which was  a life threating condition that has since been treated and cured.    X rays revealed that he has a  dislocated hip  on his left side. The Dr concludes its an old injury caused by some sort of trauma and that we should just observe him for now since it has since set in a new position and because  we did not have the thousands of dollars  needed to fix it.. He did not appear to be in pain at that time so observing seemed to be ok at the time. We did observe that  he could not run and play  like a normal dog and that the hip did give him problems that eventually needed to be fixed. .  A few days ago, he started limping after we picked him up from the groomer. He could not bear weight on his right leg and was in obvious discomfort.  An emergency visit  to the Vet revealed that Simba somehow dislocated his other hip.  . How this happened we do not understand as it seemed to come on very  suddenly and unknown reasons. The only  conclusion is  that he has been favoring the good leg which could have caused damage that  may have lead to  hip dysplasia.

Meds are controlling his pain for now but urgent care is needed as soon as possible. We have done everything we can financially and emotionally for this precious dog, we love him with all our hearts and want to help him but we cannot afford the operation. I was told about this site that could reach out to animal lovers who may be able to help us.

My husband is on Social Security Disability and I am on a small SS income as well. We have one other rescued  dog and 5 cats.   Vet care has put a strain on our finances despite the fact that we want to do what we can to ensure quality care to our beloved pets.. 8 years ago I was the Founder of  a non profit organization  “Precious Paws Rescue” in a rural low income Northern Maine town. My mission:  to save unwanted abandoned and abused cats and kittens. My org. was the only one available at that time and I had  many hurdles  to overcome.  I volunteers full time for 7 years and helped save the life of countless animals until I was faced with extreme burn out. I have never had to ask for personal  help until.  I need to do what I have to do to help Simba. Everyone  who has met Simba will tell you that he makes your heart melt. Where he came from and what happened to him we will never know, but what I feel good about  is that he is now has a great life in a  home with lots of love. .  The  Drs. tell me that (FHO) surgery has high success rates with great outcomes and fast recovery time.  Simba would benefit by getting both hips repaired, estimated  cost is  4,500 with rehabilitation . The cost to repair one side is  is 2.500  . . Every dollar will get Simba that much  closer to getting better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any  donation you can offer. May God Bless You

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