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                The Reset Button

No-Kill Shelter


Animal Rehabilitation Center

Have you ever been at a point in your life, where you just wish you could press a “Reset Button” and go back to a time in your life when things were better?

That is the way a lot of homeless people and unwanted animals feel. I know, I have been there.

I have stayed at Homeless shelters, I have begged for change to get some food, I have filled out countless job applications, only to be turned down for the simple fact that I was Homeless at the time.

Everyone thinks there needs to be more Homeless shelters, and there does, but one of the biggest problems is that homeless people have a very difficult time finding employment, due to the fact that they are homeless, or poor prior job history. If you cannot get a job, you cannot get a home, thus the homeless tend to stay homeless. A Homeless Shelter does not really help with this. They just give you a place to sleep and some food to eat, but they do not proactively help each person find a job, and what Homeless people need is JOBS. This is why you should help me by donating what you can to start “The Reset Button”.

The Reset Button” is a No-Kill Shelter for animals that will employ ONLY homeless people (others can volunteer, of course) to feed and care for the animals, keep the building and grounds clean, and process adoption applications to match animals with the homes that will be best suited for them. This gives them a paycheck to get them started on their new lives, and good, steady, Job experience for when they move on to other Careers. “The Reset Button” will also have services for it’s employees such as Job interview and work ethics lessons, apartment locating services, and contact with felon-friendly companies, for those who have made a few mistakes in the past.

The animals will also benefit from having food, shelter, medical care (including spay and neuter services, free to the public) , love, training, and a thorough check of each prospective home before adoptions take place, to ensure they are going to go to a safe, permanent, loving home. I plan on being able to house not just your ordinary cats and dogs, but also horses, cows, snakes, fish, birds, or whatever other pets that need to be re-homed. No animal will be adopted out until it is up-to-date on it’s shots, house and obedience trained, and Spayed/Neutered.

To accomplish all of this, I plan to partner with other Businesses/ Organizations, to get the health care and training for the animals, and the classes and services for the people. I plan to have the center outside of Shawnee, OK and would like to see other centers open country-wide in the future.

The Goal for this Campaign is to get the money needed to buy the land, build the facility, get the permits, and all of the other things I will need to start The Reset Button.

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