Rummage Hunter: Thrift shop app

By Gavin McDonald

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RUMMAGE HUNTER started life as an “app” to help users locate and navigate to garage sales, markets and Thrift/Op shops within Australia with the social benefit of assisting the community and the charities to easily locate each other.

It has now grown with support from major charity retailers across the world and funds are needed to expand and commercialise the business model, whilst maintaining and enhancing the original aims and community benefits.


RUMMAGE HUNTER is now the world’s largest Thrift shop directory with 22,000 thrift shops in 15 countries, and is available on Android & iPhone. With RUMMAGE HUNTER you can locate listed Thrift stores, Op Shops, markets, and garage/yard sales and be navigated directly to your chosen venue via your mobile device.

The directory is growing rapidly and it is expected to reach more than 30,000 Thrift shops in the coming months.  The concept behind RUMMAGE HUNTER is to assist charities through their thrift shops and those in the community that depend on thrift shops for cheap clothing and furniture.

It is the vision of RUMMAGE HUNTER to assist these charities with increased foot traffic and hence revenue and support those in the community that require the services that these charity organisations deliver.

We believe that with the many backpackers and travellers, along with those in local communities will find RUMMAGE HUNTER be the app “Not to leave Home without”.

The charities that are listed with RUMMAGE HUNTER will see an increase in revenue through the use of the “app” by those in search of a bargain and with the ease of being able to navigate the user directly to the door of an Op/Thrift shop, garage sale or market, it makes thrift shopping so much easier to find these shops who as a rule don’t advertise.  This is also a form of direct marketing for these charities as well.

Our challenge is that RUMMAGE HUNTER needs to be at the top of all the search engines around the world to make it a success for all stakeholders.


Whilst we are up and running with RUMMAGE HUNTER we are aiming to launch our extended “APP” and marketing campaign in September 2013, with the aim to get RUMMAGE HUNTER at the top of the search engines,

HOWEVER – in order to do that we need your support. We are CLOSE to having the funds that we need to make this happen. Although we’re still in fundraising mode and that’s why we are asking for your help.


The funds raised will go towards employing researchers and data entry personnel as well as a strong marketing campaign to backpacker hostels, tourist information centers and the wider general social media environment.

We need to raise the final $100,000 of our budget, to be able to push RUMMAGE HUNTER to the top with some solid marketing.

However if 1,000 supporters pledge $100 each, the dream target of $100,000 can be achieved and any extra will go towards assisting some children currently on the waiting lists for urgent medical treatment!

We’ve set the goal at $10,000 because we want to make sure it can be reached (if it doesn’t hit the goal, then there won’t be enough money for the project and it stalls and so does the assistance to children!).

If you pledge an amount greater than $1,000 you will become a supporter and we will work with you to market your business through the RUMMAGE HUNTER website and social media.

And please spread the word so we can spread the charity message around the world and keep this unique app available for all!

And if you know of a charity Thrift shop or Op shop please let us know so we can add them to the list and they can get more visitors to their shops.

Here’s a sample of the Charities RUMMAGE HUNTER is supporting at the moment:-

Lifeline, Red Cross, St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Shelter, Samaritans, Save the Children, RSPCA, Blue Cross, Anglicare

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