Stop selling brides

By Ole Johan Aanestad

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She was listed in a “model agency”, traveling to her first job as model for a famous clothing brand with promises of “gold and green forests”. The reality was quite different. She fled in silence, did not go to the police, she was affraid. In her world it is no use going to the police. She just wanted to go home, where she was standing at the airport with no money for a return ticket. With help from other travelers, she was forced to beg to raise money for a return ticket.
This is the story of how I met my wife, I was one of those fellow travelers who helped her to get home.

It turns out that this “model agency”, that in reallity was a “mail-bride-agency”, had been in contact with “the man” for several weeks, written and answered the letter for the woman without her knowledge.
The woman who thought she was listed in a modeling agency, thought she traveled for a photo shot of a famous clothing brand, was in reality sold as a sexslave.

We’re traveling to this “model agency” to get her removed from the lists, we are asked to pay 2,000 euros and shown a contract that says in very small print that she agrees to be listed on the agency’s website until she pay according to the contract. Only when I threatened to make public the agency’s procedures, they agree to erase her.

The last 7 years (since this happened) I have been in contact with many women who have the same experience, they think they are listed in a modeling agency in hopes of being discovered as a model. The agency get well paid by men (regarding the website of one of the agencies up to 1240 Euro + up to 1990 Euro for translating 50 letters, witch the women never know anything about)
Several women have told that the agency in advance of a trip (to model assignments) are given 2-3 phone as security if something were to happen …. the numbers do not exist. Calling the agency, they usually told that they must have sex with him (model agent) to get a job. This information they first have when they already are in trouble, many of them choose to have sex to avoid any “dangerous” situations. They are “alone” affraid in a country they not know, often they even not know english.

This is the trafficking of innocent young women with hope for a serious job, which is in reality is sold as sex slaves for a week.

Agencies advertise on subway stations, and this is my goal to raise enough money to advertise in the same places, with a warning about contacting the “model agencies”.

Real agencies is working much differnt, they not advertise on Metro.


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