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Hello all, my name is Shawn Washington. Im actually 23 years of age, and im a senior in college. The reason im starting a campaign is so, i can start a business in aquatics. Since the age of 15, i’ve been a life guard at my community pool, and i can honestly say i love what i do. However because of my long tendor as a life guard, i’ve been able to see the good, and the bad side of pool activaty. When i was 18, sadly a little girl drowned at my facility. She jumped into the deep end to get a kick bord that she wante to play with, and she was unable to come back up to the surface for air. The life guard on duty wasnt paying attention to her, so i left my area of supervision, to franticlly try to save this little girls life. Once i dove into the pool, i seen her reach out for me, as i decended further, and closer to her, i realized that she was no longer moving. I grabbed her and quickly brought her to the surface, where i preformed CPR . This went on for about 30mins befor the EMS arrived to take over. In shock i couldn do anything but sit in the same spot and cry, hours later we recived a call, and the news was she didn make it. Since that day i vowed that i would never allow that to happen to any other child! The other life guard got fired and i got a promotion, but here it is years later and im not satisfied with that. i want to open a life guard business, where i train the life guards to a higher standerd, as well as teach kids swim lessons! I just ask for you guys to believe in me to make a change in the aquatic industry and help me save lives.

Business licences plus logo:$560
Swimming accessories (kick bords): $320
Pool rentals for a month: $1500
another swim instructor (a month) $620

-Shawn Washington



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