The Will Of The People In The Stick In the Mud State


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The Will of the People and The Stick in the Mud State.
Majority Rule is the true Democracy of the People. Unfortunately, the Great State of Michigan has completely ignored the Will and the Vote of the People of the State of Michigan. The Peoples Majority Vote has been unjustly and severely ignored for going on six years at great cost of life insufferable chronic and severe pain for State Qualified Medical Patients without adequate and proper medicinal benefits. The State of Michigan is not acting in compliance with what the Majority of Michigan Registered Voters approved, in 2008.
In 2008 Michigan Voters approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act with an overwhelming 63% Majority Vote in all 83 Counties. The Legislature was to prepare a Promulgation of Rules to allow possession and procurement of this Alternative Medication. However, as of this date almost 6 years later, the Legislature decided it was up to the individual City’s to accept or deny Medical Marihuana Provisioning Dispensary’s. The People Voted for State Law, not City Ordinances.
Please understand, House Bill 4271 was prepared by the Honorable Michael Callton, State House Re[resentative who as a Chiropractor had experience dealing with Cancer Patients using and not using Marijuana as an alternative pain and nausea treatment to preserve life. Patients that used Marijuana Treatment lived and those Patients who did not partake of Marijuana, expired.
Please also understand, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Registry Identification Card in only for State Qualified Medical Patients recommended by a State Board Certifed Physician. At present there are only 2.68% of Medical Card Holders that are thousands of Cancer Patients who live in fear of persecution, imprisonment, discrimination and death. The fear of living with cancer in prison is the primary reason only less than 3% of Cancer Patients have come forward for a Medical Marihuana Card. Many of these Patients acquire Medical Marihuana illegally. Some Medical Marihuana Cancer Patients have givien up on life because there is no place to procure Medical Marihuana with Safe Access. All the Dispensaries have been closed down. Patients are left to dealing with Drug Dealers because they do not trust the State of Michigan.
Thousands of Marihuana Patients and Caregivers have been raided, arrested, imprisoned, money, car and property forfeited because in 6 years we still do not have a Promulgation of Rules to cover the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Section 8: to provide a continuous uninterrupted supply of medication. To provide a Law for Possession and not Procurement is half a Law.
My wife and I created the AMMA, American Medicinal Marihuana Association in December 2009, to help preserve life and to Inform and Educate the Public of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program. Most people did not know there was a Law for the legal protections of Medical Marihuana Patients at that time and presently. We chose a Medical Oral Surgical Building as our National Foundation Building. The AMMA now has 8,000 Members of MMMP Card holding Patients who are in the street trying to obtain their preffered Alternative Medication, directly in harm’s way. During these last six years, the AMMA has created the American Medical Clinic, hiring Licensed Board Certified Physicians for screening potential Medical Patients for a Doctors recommendation Application for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Registry Identification Card. We have had Physician’s who worked for the Michigan Department of Community Health, MDCH and the Social Security Administration among other Licensed Physicians. The AMMA created the Hazel Park Compassion Center for Licensed Member Patients to acquire Marihuana Alternative Medication through Licensed Caregivers in our Medical Office. The Honorable Michael Callton stated in writing; “After a tour of your facilities, it is the model I would like all to become”. We strongly believe Zoned Medical Offices are the proper environment, not in a Retail Shopping District for dispensation of this particular medication for the Public Safety of the Community.
After 4 years at our Offices in Warren, Michigan on May 9th of 2013 we were raided without probable cause. The Seach Warrant was completely false and erroneous. However, Law Enforcement took $25,000 we had saved to pay Taxes and $6,000 for our Monthly Lease, our car, computers, other personal property and had us kicked out of our home. I can not tell you how embarrassing being raided with hooded uniforms feels. In Civil Court the Warren Police Department agreed to give back all our personal property and half the money. I agreed to give 50% because I did not want to be responsible for costing Public Services to the community.
We were raide again in June 2014 some 6 days after receiving money back from Macomb County Court, they took only $751.00 but cutting Down our Licensed Patient’s Plants which take 5 months to grow. No arrests, No charges and they found no illegal Drugs or weapons. I can somewhat understand the need to check us out. Being raided and left in an unsolvent position is a difficult financial position.
We are desperately trying to keep our Offices Open and write City Ordinances specifying Zoned Medical Offices for the dispensation to Members Only who possess a valid Michigan Medical Marihuana Card to help get Marihuana Off the Street and keep our Medical Patients out of harm’s way. Many of our Members have been killed, robbed and car jacked in the street trying to find marijuana. We have had Members walk out of Hospice. I can not tell you how depressing it is to watch a Cancer and MS Patients waste away with large holes through their flesh. There are also some Cancer Patients who face jail for growing their preferred medication to help save their life.
We are asking for $150,000.00 to continue our proactive stance in Michigan. The House overwhelmingly passed HB 4271 94 to 14 and the Senate passed 31 votes to 7 and added our No Public Use advertising slogan in SB 783. HB 4271 is awaiting the Governors signature to be Law.
We must have our Vote matter. 63% voted to approve Medical Marihuana Use. Now the People must stand up for our Vote. Majority Rule is the very foundation of our Country. Whether we agree with Medical Marihuana or not we must presever the integrity of our Democratic Constitutional Right.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. THis really concerns all Americans in our fight for Life, Liberty, Justice and Freedom in our pursuit of happiness without tyranny and oppression of the minority. God Speed and God Bless America.
Thank you for your support,
J. Van Dyke III

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