The Ahava Marriage Festival


The Ahava Marriage Festival is the beginning of the annual Ahava Music Festival. This year’s festival is kicking off the beginning of a lifelong union between two people who have a passion for making a positive change in the world. This year’s event will be a free event, and the new couple needs enough funding to pay the musicians enough money to travel to play. All proceeds gathered from this event and events to come will go towards making a difference in a city/village across the globe. This year’s plan is to help with an orphanage in India. It is the new family’s plan to generate enough publicity with the first event that the events to come will bring in enough revenue on their own to no longer need outside funding. This year’s event plans to have approximately 10 bands who need $500 each to cover traveling expenses. The couple’s India volunteer trip costs are approximately $750 each.
It is the hopes and prayers of Willow and Sage Ahava that their marriage is not just a celebration of their new found love, but also a celebration of the bringing together of two people with the strength and eagerness to help their fellow man worldwide. Love is God, Love is light. The plan is to share this love with as many as possible with hope that it spreads like wildfire.