E-Cig Campaign

By cholockandsons@gmail.com

I am looking to start a e-cig business. The e -cig industry is really starting to take off. My target market is college students and smoking adults looking to quit regular cigarettes. “Vaping” is definitely going to be all the rage for the foreseeable future. Let’s face it, the only reason why we smoke is for the nicotine and the content feeling we get when we take a hit from a cigarette.  E-Cigs provide that and have the “cool” factor along with the ability to customize your device. Its very simple, I need the start up money to buy the stock. I don’t have a “brick and mortar” store but rather a mobile store on wheels. Mobility easier and also time and cost effective for the target market. I am 26 years old, very motivated, and can mobile market at malls, colleges, bars, clubs, gyms (health conscience people), parking lots, and designated smokes areas. I’m trying to provide a market and options in my region (Pittsburgh area) before everyone else floods the market.