Help bring my husband home



My husband was deported back to Mexico after 16 years of being here he’s never been in trouble with the law, it was a routine traffic stop that we found out there was a court date that he missed for his permit to be in the USA and they said we missed but we never received so they ran his permit and told him then it was no longer any good and detained him on February 15th and deported him a week later I’ve had to struggle and fight cancer alone on top of being disabled and on my small income I can’t afford an attorney and travel to see him is for only 3 weeks once a year so I’m to the point I’m begging for help for legal fees and travel expenses to be able to see him and to bring him home and I know there has to be sum one out there that reads this and can help us! I’m extremely religious and can only hope and pray that truly God sends us an angel and miracle! Can you please be our angel?