Help Freud


I took this poor baby boy from a local shelter, here in Poland, last Saturday. Called him Freud.

A month ago his previous owner left him in the shelter because of his medical issues. Couldn’t take care of him any longer.
Freud was so scared in the shelter, he stopped eating, he peed on himself, and got deeply depressed, waiting to die.
He is 14 years old.
I took him as a foster family but decided to keep him, so no one could hurt him ever again.
I need money to examine his health, he has at least some heart problem.
I have also 8-years dog Panda, 15-years old persian cat Malibu, and 1 years old cat Benek.
I am a foster family for a blind kitty named Spider.

Freud is so gentle, scared little person.
Please help me to take care of him.

The photo shows him on the day he was left in the shelter.1378185_782350668483503_2485486317962560810_n
10653644_771259589600858_2050599557750092611_nThis one shows him after a month in the shelter.

10670039_783584111693492_7429447806565278903_nAnd here Freud is with a kitty Spider at my home.