Help me fund a Attorney to see my daughters after 13 years,I will pay it foward


  • My name is David Jennings I have two teenage daughters 13 and 15 that I haven’t seen in over 10 years
  • I live in Arizona, my daughters were born in Arizona but live in Missouri since the divorce.
    • My daughters were taken out of state under false pretenses by their mother and grandmother
    • I pay my child support never missed a payment since 2003
    • I work as a Medical Biller but unable to afford an retain an attorney
    • I’m not a violent person or a drug user I just don’t have family or friends to drop 4 to 5k on a attorney
    • I’m will to pay it forward by helping who ever helped me by either charity or weekend work
    • I love my daughters and I just want to give them the benefit of the doubt that was brainwashed in their head
    • Im not trying to take them away from their mother or there school life, I just want to be able to visit them or visit me so I can show them Arizona and California for a vacation from Missouri
    • This isn’t a scam justĀ a Father trying to be dad that he signed up for when they were born.