Help get our three puppies back from Qatar


I am the Canadian owner of three beautiful Shi Tzu/Bichon doggies who are currently in a boarding kennel in Qatar, Doha. I and my wife and son were living in Doha until her communications job ended and we had to move back to Canada.

We found a very nice boarding kennel in Qatar and fully expected to send our dogs out in a month, once we were settled. It has now been eight months and the kennel bill has risen to $8000. It will cost $5000 to ship them to Edmonton. We don’t have the funds at this point and are we are desperate to get our boys home.

Scruffy is a now-healthy little rescue dog from Bahrain; his tongue hangs out because he was abused and his teeth were kicked out. Doodles and Butterball are our sweet Canadian doggies, aged 7 and 6.

We are looking for a private lender so we can pay the outstanding kennel charges and allow Doodles, Butterball and Scruffy to come home. All loan money could be paid DIRECTLY to the kennel and the pet relocator – not to us… It is my son’s 16th birthday on Oct. 1st and it would be the best birthday present ever, to get our dogs home. We will pay the loan from my guaranteed Government of Ontario pension, for a term of two to three years. We have good references and secure income: just not enough to pay $13,000 all at once! We are sick at the thought of our “boys” being alone in Qatar (even though the boarding kennel is very nice and they are safe and well cared-for) and so sorry we had to let it go this long…
Can anyone help with a loan? This is legitimate. Thanks.