Help Midwest Moxie Dolls Expand So We Can Help Others!


The Midwest Moxie Dolls are a group of Pin-up women all over the Midwest, USA with the goal to help spread a good outlook on positive body image and help other women of all ages embrace themselves for who they are and feel beautiful in their own skin, despite society’s standards. The Midwest Moxie Dolls would like to focus on fundraising for various charities, but we need help getting kick-started into raising money for our own group before we can give back. We need help raising money for Moxie Doll merchandise such as calendars, prints and tee-shirts so we can in turn, have something to give and sell at our events, and also for travel expenses since ultimately, we want to help throughout the Midwestern states and hopefully expand into the entire USA. Check out all of the girls at