Integrated Piggery Production and Environmental Protection

By david Geofrey Mapugilo

lam a Tanzanian with 32 years of age. l currently live in Morogoro region.

l started operating a personal project of producing and selling tree seedlings to villagers in the Rural Areas of Hembeti in Mvomero district. The idea was to sell the seedlings at a subsidized price inorder that l could help both myself and the community as a result of a danger in environmental degradation. I started by campaining to the villagers and the idea was taken with a very quick note. l promised to supply the products but unforunately the means l had (an outdated vehicle) collapsed and therefore l had to lag behind.

Besides that ,l introduced a piggery project with the aim of improving life as well as employing some of the youth in the community. l also had an idea of building up of a biogas plant so as to pioneer the initiative of introducing an alternative source of power. The Second phase of theIntegrated project requires a total sum of USD 100,000 for spearheading of the activities. Currently l have employed two youth on permanent basis and l have also been employing more than 10 youth in a month on part time basis.

lam kindly requesting the community and those who are in goodwill to help me spearhead the stated project.

Also in case somebody sees that he or she wants to be a part of the campaign or project the doors are open.

Contacts: Email;

Phone: 255753729229