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After doing pretty well on the Independent market and rankings on a hoping to broaden my horizons with these new tunes that I have finished writing that I am crazy about.  I have been as high as 60 in the USA on the Reverb Nation Independent Charts and have beld #1 in Louisville, KY S/S for 27 weeks.  I have hooked up with an Emmy Award Winning Producer, an amazing band with Kenny Chesney and Joe Nichola studio players and they are the REAL McCOY.  I have an albums worth of songs I think would do you proud if if you could donate a little to help us do a lot.  Any donation over $25 comes with a signed album.  Over $125 you get a T-Shirt & signed album. Anything over $500 and you get the shirt, the album and spend a day in Nashville in the recording studio with us while we work.  It’s pretty freaking cool!  Especially, getting to meet the guys.  Well there it is.  I hope we get this amazing opportunity.