Making Dreams Come True


Hi! We’re Farah and Jenn, two young women who want to travel the world and gain knowledge. Unfortunately we both have a large debt due to college. In September the opportunity to take a trip of a life time will be in our midst but unfortunately unless we get some help from lovely souls like you we can’t go. We both understand and appreciate charity work, since we are both dedicated members of a charity and have spent countless¬† years and hours donating our time. Even though we both have been raised with financial hard ships, and we take all the jobs that come our way and have steady part-time work. We both know how to save money but with the college debts down our throat we have been putting nearly 100% of our earnings to paying it off. It may sound crazy to give two girls money to travel but due to circumstances we grew up with this trip will give us the opportunity to take life head first and give us a more positive look on life.

Making Dreams Come True.