Operation Rosy Fund

By happyjp1436@yahoo.com

Hello to all,

First I would like to begin by thanking everyone for listening and for donating to causes such as great as ours and families in need. Our beloved shi-tzu, Rosy, is in need of an operation to rid her body of a growth that has continued to grow on her back leg which at the moment is not causing her any pain our discomfort that I can ascertain. My family and I have visited numerous veterinarians in our area of San Diego, and as always no success. As the cost of surgery for our family member is more than we can afford at this time. Not only do they charge $150 fee just to examine our 8 year old dog which we have paid multiple times for second opinion, but some how expect us to come up with $1,600 for surgery and biopsy. Enough about our struggle. We have had the fortune of adopting her 8 years ago this past may as a 3 month old puppy and our lives have never been the same sense. I can not begin to describe how much joy and love she has brought to our family, which include my fourteen year old daughter, wife and myself. At the moment my wife is the only employed member of our family as I am a full time student pursuing my dream of earning a college degree. With these funds we will pay for her operation and any medication she may need. Any and all funds remaining will be donated to the ASPCA. I hope that everyone reading this would consider helping our family as this would be the greatest gift we could hope to receive this holiday season.