Poems and Proverbs by MotherPope

By motherpope@yahoo.com

Please help me with my start up money to publish my book, Poems and Proverbs  by MotherPope. I have come so far, but I live in poverty… I write a blog that has now been read in 41 countries and growing… I believe in this book and the publishing company has called me again… I don’t think they will do it for free.  Administrative fees and material costs.





My dream is to sell my books and go on book tours to talk to the young people about how to have a good life!


You don’t have to send me money… just send it to

Page Publishing, 1 Penn Plaza Suite 6289, New York, NY. 10119

Richard Roma is the man behind the voice who knows me!



GOD BLESS US, everyone! 🙂