Scholarship Pageant Sponsors


Hello! Kris here! This is a fund me page for sponsors who would like to donate to my daughter’s (Alyssa’s) sponsor fee for the Miss Teen of Pennsylvania scholarship pageant. This is NOT a beauty pageant, but a pageant focusing on intelligence and the community. It is an invitation-only pageant, and certain teens are selected from their community to join. Alyssa has been selected to compete in the pageant recently, and sponsors are needed for help with the sponsorship fee. The pageant is a great opportunity to be awarded scholarships that would help with Alyssa’s college tuition in the future. If you decide to donate, please let either Mike or myself know the amount so I can fill out the required information on the sponsorship forms to send them in. If you donate, you become a sponsor and you are mentioned in the program booklet as a part of Alyssa’s specific booklet section. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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