Serenity For The People (Funded by the people, For the people)


I am looking to start this Non Profit Organization (NPO) in order to help people just like me! My name is Samantha, I am 25 years old and currently have 2 children, one that is 5 and one that is 2. I also just found out that I have one on the way as well. I Am currently struggling From Check to Check Just to get by. Although I have Gone to several different places seeking assistance, I am still with out help. I am a single mother working a lower paid job. I recently lost a job that I was making 11.50 an hour. During the time that I was without work I fell extremely behind on all of my bills, I searched again for aid and still no assistance.

One day I was at the Catholic Charities trying to get assistance with my rent and also trying to see if they could help me get a refrigerator. While I was there I saw a young mother in the waiting room crying, I asked her if she needed a hug. When she looked up I said ” Don’t I know you?” then I thought about it, She was my neighbor who I have only seen once, She recently moved in. I asked her what was wrong, She told me that she was trying to get help with her gas bill. They would not help her because she was on paperless billing and they wanted a copy of the bill before they would help. Now its understandable that they would need a copy, but why not go the extra step for a young mother and use a computer in there office to get online, go to her account and print a copy of her bill, Rather than making her feel like there is no help. People have forgotten about other peoples hearts and how to be kind and as helpful as they can be, rather than making people jump through hoops when they already have enough on there plate to deal with.

That night I went home not only with the pain and stress I was dealing with from my own situation but with her pain and stress also, My heart went out to her because I understand her hardships. I prayed and asked God, What do I do? Knowing that If I had the money to pay her gas bill I would have in a heart beat. My answer was immediately in my head, Start a Non Profit organization to help people in need. So I began to think about how I would do this being that I have 3 bucks to my name and in order to start a NPO you need money. I started asking random people ” If you could donate to an organization that would be there in heard times for you, would you?” most people were shocked when I said that they would be able to donate to get help for themselves. Most organizations are for other people or purposes. Every last person that I asked this to ( about 20 people) they all said yes, of course I would, I wish there was something like that now.

I started to ask people if they new how to start a NPO, A man at work suggested that I use this web site and see if other people would agree and decide to help me start this project. I plan I helping people with, housing, bills, Car payments, Car problems, cars, food, appliances, clothes, furniture, even food for there animals and so much more. Government programs only help with a portion of some of the things that we need as people in this hard economy. Why not fund a program that is for the people of our nation, helping in times of need at the most unexpected time. What ever happened to ” One Nation Under God ” Our country need us. Who is going to help the little people, we scream but are not heard. I am taking a stand for all of the people out here struggling, with out food, water, gas, electric, a home, a car, no one to turn to. No one should have to go through that. Serenity For The People will bring them peace of mind that there is help, And they no longer need to struggle. We will help you out of the hole that life has dropped you in and bring you peace.

My goal is to bring peace to the hearts of others in times of need. In 2010 my little girl of only 7 months and 18 days passed away, I found my baby the next morning in her crib. Like a shot to the chest my little girl was gone. When I was pregnant with her I kept praying to God that I would find peace, my life was even worse off at that time. When she was born on 05/03/2010 I named her Serenity. The day she passed away 12/21/2010, I was sitting in an old plastic chair in my back yard, yellow tape surrounding my house as if there was a crime seen investigation, there were 12 undercover cops, the life flight, an ambulance and about  30 people out side this yellow tape. My mind was blank, I had no felling at all, just numb. I was in a state of shock. All at once my whole body started to shake uncontrollably, The Chaplin form the sheriffs department came to my aid, He asked me “May I” in a calm voice, he was asking if he could touch me, I said yes. The moment that he laid his hand on my shoulder I immediately stopped shaking and felt a Rush of peace, Like a tidal waive crashed on me, never in my life had I felt such peace. I knew that God crated my little angel for a reason and took her home for a reason. About 4 years later I have now realized that God created my baby for a specific purpose, He Created her to bring me peace and took her home so I would know the feeling of eternal peace, as If I was in heaven with her for that moment. That is the reason I want and need to bring peace to as many people as I can and letting them know that there is always going to be help in your time of need. Serenity For The People. Please help me fund it!

Love For All,