Wildlife Awareness

By michael@photiza.com

I am a freelance photographer, with a conscience.

I have a love of the natural world, it’s beauty and splendour in all forms, from land to sea to air.

Mankind is destroying our precious wildlife resource, through needless deforestation, loss of natural habitat, trophy hunting, pollution, cruelty.
Give me the chance to travel and create a photo journal, I want to raise more awareness by capturing images that shock us into action.

No photos will be staged.

Money raised will be used to buy equipment for the trips and travel expenses.

This venture is intended to be non-profit, every cent raised will go into raising more awareness of the plight of our natural world. Donors or myself will not benefit financially, but morally. Hopefully we can raise the plight of the natural world without the politics of the other larger wildlife and environmental organisations.

Other than that, I pay my own way.

Thank you everyone.