Fundraising for charities

fundraising for charities

Charity – Who would you like to raise funds for?

You  can raise funds on behalf of non-profit, business or political Organizations. To comply, you must provide HelpFundMe with proof that the Organization has clearly authorized the User to act on its behalf. To apply to accept funds on behalf of another charity or Organization, your must submit by email to HelpFundMe a Letter of Subordination on letterhead from the charity or organization, signed by an authorized Officer of that charity/organization that expressly grants the User the right to fundraise on behalf of the organization.

Electronic copies of the Letter should be emailed to:
The must be included in the letter:

Full name of the HelpFundMe User.
The email address
Start and end dates.
Taxation status of the Charity/Organization including tax number.
The signature, email address, and telephone number of an authorized Officer of the Charity/Organization.
Letterhead of the Charity/Organization.

Fundraising for charities