How to create a campaign

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People all over the world can use HelpFundMe’s platform to raise Bitcoins for all sorts of causes, inventions or business ideas. You can start right now for FREE!

This is a step by step guide how to create your campaign on HelpFundMe.

1. Go to our home page at

2. Click on Register on the top row of the website.

A box will pop up enter your info:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. User name for your campaign
  4. Password to login to your campaign
  5. Click on the blue register button to submit your information.

Now login to your email account and you will see an email from HelpFundMe that verifies your username & password.

  • Just click on the link in the email to login.

Once logged in click Create a campaign.

Enter campaign Title

  • Think about a catchy title. One that will make people want to click on your campaign to learn more.

Enter campaign Goal

  • This is the total amount of money you are asking for. Example: 10,000.00 (ten thousand) When someone donates to your campaign it will automatically convert to Bitcoins.

Enter the campaign Length

  • This is how long the campaign will run for. We have a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of 90 days.

Description Long –  Create a compelling description as part of your campaign to help you stand out. Tell everyone why they should donate to your project. You’ve heard the old saying, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Your campaign page is your opportunity to sell your idea and engage potential supporters to become involved in what you are doing and contribute to your campaign. Ensure you are 100% pleased with your presentation before hitting the ‘submit’ button. You can save it & preview it and keep working on it.

  • Who are you? Introduce yourself, your organization and your team.
  • What are you trying to raise money for? Be specific.
  • When will your campaign take place?
  • Where will your campaign take place?
  • Why are you raising funds? Show your passion, explain the impact of your campaign & who will benefit from it.
  • How can people get involved?

Upload Photo – Include a good quality photo.

Add Video URL – Here you add the URL link to your video (YouTube etc.) Campaigns with (short about 2 minutes) videos are 50 percent more successful than those without.

Excerpt Short This is just a shorter description of your project. 

Backer Rewards – Offer some cool rewards to your contributors, for various levels of participation.  Consider what your supporters should receive for their commitment. The more appealing things you have to offer the more supporters you will get. The majority of contributions are less than $100, so we recommend offering more rewards at lower amounts. If your sending something in the mail, be sure to include the cost of shipping in the price of the reward.

Tips for a successful campaign:

  • You need to show trust and the best way to show trust, is by showing that others are already supporting your HelpFundMe campaign. So before you launch your campaign, line up commitments from co-workers, friends and family to donate so on your opening day you already look successful.
  • You need to use social media lots of your Facebook , Twitter & LinkedIn connections as well as email friends. These online connections already know you, trust you, and are more likely than strangers to invest in what you’re doing. They’ll also help you by spreading the word about what you’re doing to their own social connections.
  • Rewards can be a powerful incentive that make people want to fund and support your campaign.
  • Communicate with your supporters. Send Thank you notes to anyone who donates to your campaign. Make sure your supporters know what’s going on with your campaign, be sure to keep them in the loop with weekly updates and milestones. People who donate a small amount at the start of your campaign are likely to donate more later on if you keep them updated. Even after your campaign has ended, send an update every now & then on how your campaign project is going.