How to donate to a campaign

Donation/Contributors, Fund a campaign & get involved!

How to Donate to a Campaign
You may contribute to any live campaign by clicking on the blue “Contribute Now” button. You will be able to enter how much you want to donate/contribute, claim your perk if available.

How do I donate Bitcoin / Altcoins or Credit Card?

When you get taken to the checkout page, you will be able to choose Bitcoin or many other Altcoins to use to donate. You may also use a credit card or PayPal account to donate. Just scroll to the bottom on the checkout page and choose PayPal.

How Refunds Work
Donations/Contributions are non-refundable. We may refund your contribution if your donation was accidentally made twice.

How much can I donate to a campaign?
Currently the limit is 10,000.00 daily. If you would like to donate more please e-mail us for information.

Safe and Secure
We’re committed to your info security. We have safeguards in place to secure the information we collect online. This helps us to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the appropriate use of information.

Perks, What are Perks?

Many campaigns offer perks in exchange for different donation/contribution levels. You will need to contribute the minimum amount to receive the associated perk. Perks are offers made and controlled solely by campaign owners. If you want to change or upgrade your perk or inquire about the details of your perk, please contact the campaign owner directly.

When do I receive my Perk?
Receiving your perk, often takes time. Picking a perk as a part of your donation or contribution is not the same thing as buying something online. Perks may require much more than just money to manufacture and finally distribute. Since campaign owners control their perks we recommend contacting the campaign owner directly to find out the status of your perk.

Can I change or upgrade My Perk?
Every donation or contribution is processed individually. If you’d like to change or select a different perk, we suggest contacting the campaign owner directly.

Thank you for “Paying it Forward” by donating to fund someone’s dream.